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X’mas special

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la

Yay, it’s our favourite time of the year again – Christmas Seasons! Neither of us is Christian but we still love this festive celebration because we love to give and receive presents :) In this post, we will share with you what we gave each other for Christmas this year. Hopefully it will give you some inspirations in case you haven’t bought all your gifts yet!


1. Christmas party cracker: It makes a big noise when you pull it open, and inside contains a paper hat, a joke and a sticker.

2. Scratch & Win – X’mas edition: This could potentially worth CA$10,000 cash, but Chisa wasn’t so lucky… (LOL)

3. Handmade handwarmer made of rice and lavender: Got this from Amsterdam (see related post here). I thought of Chisa when I saw the pattern (it’s bright and cute :D)

4. Leather belt from Marc by Marc Jacobs: I guess not the most exciting X’mas present to give away but practical (I hope). I think the color really suits Chisa.

5. Love Me Necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs: Lately I really like gold jewelry (of course not real gold). I think this necklace can match a lot of outfits that Chisa has.


1. Letter set: I know no one really writes letters now, but sometimes it’s just so nice to receive one, so hopefully Gelati will write to me using this letter set, hehe.

2. Tocca – Hand cream and roll-on perfume: A perfect set for any girl! :) I actually wanted to keep this for myself…

3. Tarte: Pure maracuja oil, finishing powder and mascara: I’ve mentioned it here too but I love Tarte! It’s so gentle and the quality of their products are quite high considering their price. I think this is a good intro for Gelati to non-harmful cosmetics. We’re getting old, we need to be picky!

4. Mickey Mouse aluminum foil: I thought this was sooo cute when I saw it! But Gelati didn’t look too thrilled. =_____=

5. Mickey Mouse anti-bacterial wipe: These are super handy and it doesn’t feel sticky like those hand sanitizing gel.

6. Nail Polish: I think the colour suits Gelati, apparently she was looking for nail polish! SCORE!

7. Candies: Because who doesn’t love them?

8. Brush set: I know Gelati doesn’t wear that much eye shadow so not sure if she will ever use these… but once you start using brushes you just can’t go back to using chips. I really wanted this for myself Gelati… if you don’t use any of them feel free to return them hehe.

If you’re wondering why I bought so much stuff for Gelati is because it’s a combination of her birthday and Xmas present. So it’s not that Gelati is cheap or anything haha.


Gelati: I’ve wanted to get something from PANTONE’s crossover collection with Sephora for a while now. I think it’s brilliant that they launched a nail polish line together. The packaging is really cute and I love this color! Thanks Chisa!!! Chisa: I couldn’t choose one, so I chose two! Love the handwarmer – I usually love handmade things so this was really nice. :) Glad it’s not handmade by Gelati or else it could have been another disaster like this. And the necklace – like Gelati mentioned above, I love gold as well! I can’t believe I used to only wear silver when I was in highschool. People change.


We are very happy with the presents we got from each other. Presents do not have to be expensive to be good; at the end – it’s the thought that counts!

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