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Welcome to Mumbler of the Year! I’m Gelati, and next to me is my best friend, Chisa. The last time we worked on a project together was in high school (it was a math project for the Science Fair, could we be more dorky?!) Fast forward ten years, a lot of things have changed, and we are cooler now (or so we think). We don’t want our last joint legacy to be a nerdy school project, hence the birth of Mumbler of the Year! You can read more about us here. Enjoy!
Hello! I’m Chisa. I think Gelati did all the intro so I’ll just start by saying thank you for dropping by! We were thinking what the best first post should be and thought it would be great to do a parallel post of me in Vancouver, Canada, and Gelati in Milan, Italy. Now let’s start (yes, start with 2 weirdly lit photos).


My home is not very well-connected with the public transportation system, so the best way for me to get around town is by bike. Milan is not very big afterall. Poor bike, I never clean it and I use it very roughly, so it has gone through some repairs in the past year.
If you live in Vancouver you’ll know that the public transit is one of the most convenient forms of transportation. 7:00am is still quite dark… actually when I wake up at 6:00am, you can still see stars in the sky. Sound romantic? Well, not so much, darkness usually keeps my body asleep. I wait for the bus in the cold (5 degrees celcius this morning!) and hop on to transfer onto the Skytrain. I should really consider getting my driver’s license soon, Canada’s winter mornings can be quite brutal.

Mumbler of the Year - breakfast

I don’t take this for breakfast everyday (since I’m trying to save money) but my ideal breakfast would include a caffè macchiato and a brioche (Italian croissant) with cream/chocolate. My favourite cafe is this place called Panini Durini near my university. I feel really blessed to be in Italy every time I go there – no exaggeration.
On weekdays I usually have a breakfast bar and a smoothie for breakfast while I work so I can never take a photo (not that it’s anything special), but on my days off I like to have a nice cup of coffee, greek yogurt with fresh fruits & honey, and a fancy pantsy toast. Ughh Gelati I’m jealous you get to go to a café in the morning! You have to take me there when I go visit you!


In Milan there aren’t that many skyscrapers. Most people live in complexes that are only a few stories high. Land is relatively expensive in Milan compared to the rest of Italy so stand-alone houses aren’t very common. I would have taken a photo on the building that I live in, except it looks like crap; it has been under construction ever since I moved in (the landlady said the construction would be completed in two weeks when I first moved in, which was over a year ago…)
Vancouver does have some tall silver shiny looking buildings..but I just didn’t take that street so instead you get a glimpse of an old building in Gastown. I love Vancouver because there’s always some green popping its head in between industrial buildings. Green decreases guilt for everything, just like the side of greens you get beside your burger.


This sounds cheesy but my room is really my sanctuary. It’s very small by Italian standard but it has everything I need. I love my little jewelry corner, memorabilia that I collected from here and there, and the color coordination (well I’m not a girly person but I do really like my little pink stool, purple lamp and maroon drapes).
My room, is just a room, so far. Super plain, but super clean (sorry Gelati). I hope to decorate my room in the future so I can do a before and after post on the blog! (O-oh I said I have to really do it now). That little card you see on the desk is a 40 days belated birthday card from Gelati that I received few days ago. Thank you Gelati, you should feel extra special to be the last one to send me a card (it’s like you are the last one clapping in a big crowd haha).

Update: Chisa, my room is super clean too! Geez, don’t shed bad light on me on the first post already, haha.

And that completes our very, very first post. Hopefully our blog will be a lot more interesting over time so we would feel embarrassed about this post a year from now. Fingers crossed.


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