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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Under €100


Girls in general LOVE getting gifts. To us, all gifts are nice when they are from the person you love. But let’s be honest now, some gifts are simply nicer than others. But good news guys, a nicer present doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Here are some awesome ideas that cost less than a bouquet of overpriced roses.


// For girls who like to travel // Scratch Map personalised world map poster – €20.26


Scratch Map personalised world map poster

The top of the map is coated in gold foil like that of a scratch card. I think this is a very sweet present to give if your girlfriend and you like to travel. It also shows that you’d like to have many more trips with her in the future.


// For girls who like to have some fun // Juicy Couture Coldwater Coated Crossbody –$98.00 $58.80

Juicy Couture Coldwater Coated Crossbody

Isn’t this little bag super fun? I love the B&W stripes and the hot pink strap. This is perfect for a dinner date. What’s more is that it is half price right now. What a bargain!


// For girls who are punk at heart // Shiny Razor-Blade Wrap Bracelet by McQ Alexander McQueen – €67

MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Black Leather Razor Triple Wrap Bracelet

If your girlfriend is emo, then this is the perfect gift for her! (JK)  This bracelet is stylish and is perfect for girls who are into a little bit of rock n’ roll (or who like to dress all in black).


// For girls who are never on time // Nixon ‘The Time Teller’ Watch – €92

Nixon 'The Time Teller' Watch, 37mm

If you are on limited budget, don’t buy your girlfriend a watch that is produced by a brand that’s not specialising in making watches. I’d much rather spend money on a Nixon/Swatch watch than on a Burberry/DKNY watch. Just like sunglasses, most of these fashion-branded watches are designed and produced by one single company (i.e., Swatch). So it’s really not worth the money to spend double, or triple the money on the same quality watch as a Swatch.


// For girls who like some bling-bling // VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Diamante Heart Enameled Brass Bracelet – €85

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Diamante Heart Enameled Brass Bracelet

Is it just me or Vivienne Westwood managed to combine British, punk and cuteness into this bracelet? It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!


// For girls who like to carry a lot of things // Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote Bag – €98

Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote Bag, Beige - Longchamp

If your girlfriend doesn’t have one of these bags yet and she carries a lot of stuff with her, then this is the right bag to get her. It’s really practical, especially if you go on short trips a lot. These Longchamp bags are super light, compact and durable. And you can use it in most occasions imaginable (school, work, travel, causal dinner..etc). To be one the safe side, I would get her a darker color if I were you (like navy blue or black).


// More gift ideas under €100 //

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under €100!
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under €100!


// Conclusion //

OKAY – I know I’ve left out many categories (e.g., girls who like to do sports, girls who like to cook..etc) But give me a break, I can only recommend things that I can relate to haha. Well at the end, it’s the thought that matters, so just get her whatever YOU think she likes. But honestly though, I think getting flowers is a big waste of money so only get this for your girlfriend if 1.) she LOVES flowers, or 2.) she likes showing off in public with a bouquet of overpriced flowers in her hands/in the office.

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