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My bag review: Michael Kors Selma Satchel



I’d like to do a follow-up post on my bag entry. So which bag did I pick at the end? None of the four mentioned! Haha I ended up getting a bag that I eliminated in the first round – the MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Selma Top-Zip Satchel.


So why did I eliminate it at the beginning?


1. The designer is one of the judges on Project Runway… Not that I hate Project Runway, but I just didn’t feel like being associated with the designer… he’s so orange.


Michael Kors from Project Runway

2. It’s way more expensive to get it in Europe than in the US. The retail price in the US is US$358.00 and it’s not hard to find it at discount (well maybe 10-20% off) in department stores. So what’s the price in Italy? Approx US$508 at the Michael Kors shop in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. I just don’t like the feeling of being ripped off :(


3. Is MK the new Coach? It’s everywhere in North America. Honestly, you can find a Michael Kors store in most shopping malls and outlets in Canada and the US. I have a feeling it’s going towards the Coach path.


So after all the dissing, why did I get it?


1. The design is practical, yet stylish, yet classic.

2. I love the material (saffiano leather) and the details! Removable shoulder strap, several compartments, protective feet on bottom…etc

3. It’s just the right size!

4. It seems like all the reviews on the internet are positive ones. Seriously, there are so many forums, videos and blog posts on this bag.

5. Most importantly, I just can’t get it out of my mind!

*drum roll* The Bag!


I was planning to get it from the Michael Kors store in Milan but they sold out on the color that I wanted. In fact, they almost sold out the entire line (when I was there, only white was available… and c’mon, you can’t give me a white bag; I’ll ruin it in no time!). I also searched in department stores like Rinascente but they also only had white left. So at the end, I ordered it on (to be precise, my boyfriend ordered it. Thank you boyfriend!!!)

My boyfriend’s mom gift-wrapped the parcel for me! That was so nice of her. She also gave me some chocolates on the side :) And after I opened the box, there was another layer of gift wrap from the boutique shop.


You can see in the picture below that the bag is protected by layers of packaging, plastic and styrofoam. So there wasn’t one tiny scratch on the bag. I am really happy with this online shopping experience!


A big worry that I had was whether the bag could fit my laptop (13″ Macbook Pro) or not, because I couldn’t find a clear answer on the internet (and stupid me didn’t ask/try it out when I was at the store). It fits! Well, it would have been much better if the bag could be 0.5 cm taller… But I can manage to zip-up the bag with my laptop inside, just not with ease. There is a version of this bag that is taller, but it gives a boxy-feel, which I don’t like. B3

One last thing – I’ve heard that you put on 10 pounds on camera, but I didn’t know that bags also look bigger on camera. This is not just my view; many people think that this bag looks bigger in photos too. BUT don’t get scared away – by no means this is a small bag. It’s really roomy inside and can fit tons of stuff.


In summary I’m highly satisfied with this Michael Kors Selma bag. Thanks again, boyfriend!

P.S – I spent a lot of time picking the ‘right’ color. Initially I was thinking about black or navy blue, but as I wanted this to be a year-round bag, I thought those two colors might be a bit dull for the summer months. And since a lot of my winter clothes are black, I thought this luggage color might brighten my winter days a little bit.

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