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Stretch it

Is it just me? After all the relaxing couch potatoey holiday we’re all back to work and suddenly my body is aching like I have never experienced in the past. I do admit that I’m not most athletic person (actually I’m not athletic at all… @ @;) but this ache is seriously unbearable!

So I decided to do a quick search of some stretched to relieve my pain on (everyone’s favourite) YouTube. I’m so glad I live in 2014 where finding resource is so simple and is always available for free. It was my first time searching for ‘How-To’ video on stretching but after looking through some videos I favourited few videos.

I like Jen! She’s very likeable, the way she speaks is very soft and it’s really easy to follow. It’s weird to say that to a person you’ve never met before but it’s like the auto-reader on your Mac, where you have a favourite voice. Vickie was my go-to when I had to read a looong boring article for school.

These stretchea made me feel sooooo much better! The only thing to remember is that you have to take your time or else you’ll hurt yourself. It’s difficult to spend 30-40min of stretching at night before going to sleep but I’ll try to make it a habit since I’m on the computer for 8 hours at work and I’m sure it’s toxic for my body. You have to remember that the only person who can take care of your body is yourself! Be nice and treat your body with some nice stretches! :)

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