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Salad in a Dress


Gelati: So Winter is approaching (even though the weather here still feels like end of Summer), which means it’s mandarin orange season! Mandarin orange is one of my favourite fruits. They are way easier to peel than oranges, and they are a lot sweeter too (minimal effort, high-return). Today I’m going to share with you a simple salad with an appetizing mandarin orange vinaigrette dressing.

Here’s the list of ingredients:


 Dressing  Salad
– mandarin oranges- mustard

– pepper

– dried basil

– balsamic vinegar

– olive oil

– mixed salad of your choice

– cherry tomatoes

– mandarin oranges

– cocktail shrimps


Chisa: My salad is simple. As I like things simple. Okay, I lied, actually these were the only ingredients I found in my fridge.

My ingredients are:


Dressing Salad
– rice vinegar- salt & pepper

– olive oil.

– seasoned baked tomatoes- parmigiano cheese

– romaine



Gelati: First, rinse the mandarin oranges, cut them in half and squeeze as much juice as you can out of them (don’t be gentle)!

Chisa: First, dice up some tomatoes, sprinkle some salt & pepper, and drizzle some olive oil. Then pop it into the oven to make some yummy, juicy roasted tomato. I don’t like raw tomatoes so every time I add tomato to my salad, it gets heated up. These taste super delicious on top of baguettes as well. :)



Gelati: Next, it’s time to wash these tiny cherry tomatoes and cut them in half (I like things in bite-size). I am not a big fan of tomatoes in general, but cherry tomatoes are just too cute (and they smell too good) to resist!

Chisa: Next up is crisp romaine! Wash it really well and dry them with paper towel as I dislike soggy, wet salads.



Gelati: Now that’s get to the dressing. I’m not a fan of measuring things precisely when it comes to cooking but I would say 3/4 of the dressing should consist of mandarin orange juice. As for the amount of balsamic vinegar, just go according to your taste (I only put a little bit in there because mandarin oranges already carry an acidic taste), and a pinch/teaspoon of dried basil, pepper and mustard. Mix all ingredients together.

Chisa: Okay, time to dress it up. Romaine leaves are lightly dressed with some vinegar (I used rice vinegar this time since it has a milder flavour), salt & pepper and some olive oil.



Gelati: So now you should have everything set up. Notice I peeled a mandarin orange for the salad. Mandarin oranges and shrimps go surprisingly well together!

Chisa: Top it off with some roasted tomatoes. And sprinkle some white dust of parmigiano reggiano (such a fancy word).



Gelati: Things taste better when they look better. So don’t be lazy on the arrangement! Pour the dressing evenly into the salad and mix well. There you have it, an exciting and tasty salad. Buon Appetito!

Chisa: Drizzle with some reduced balsamic vinegar and voila! Can I eat now? Itadakima-su!

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