Mumbler of the Year


Parallel: Winter Collection

Winter is here! At least it is here in Vancouver and Milan. We actually don’t mind winter much because this is the perfect season to dress up with tons of cozy accessories! In this parallel post, we will share with you what’s in our closet for this chilly weather.



Ever since I left Vancouver, I’ve moved to three different countries. Every time I moved to a new home, I had to throw away stuff, including clothes, that I didn’t want to throw away. Let’s face it, if you don’t have an expatriate relocation package, it’s really pricy to bring everything with you everywhere you go. So what I’ve learned over the years is to really control my shopping urges. What I’ve also learned is that if you must shop, and c’mon I’m a girl, accessories are the easiest things to transport. I’ve selected a few of my favourite winter items in this post. Hope you will like them!


Gloves (from left to right):

1.) Red gloves – got them at a small boutique shop in Milan last Winter

2.) Black gloves from Karrimor – I got those from London and I wear them all the time when I cycle during cold days.

3.) Winter Olympic gloves from the Bay – reminds me of home!

4.) Touch-pad friendly gloves from American Eagles – gift from Chisa & Livia; pretty useful when you have cold fingers but need to use the phone

5.) Leather gloves from C&A – got them in Berlin; my first pair of leather gloves ever! They make me feel extra lady-like 😉


 Scarfs (from left to right):

1.) B&W scarf with pattern – got them from Hong Kong at a street market, super cute!

2.) Scarf from Burberry – present from Livia one winter

3.) Multicolor knitted scarf – got it from a vintage market in Amsterdam (already showcased it here in the parallel portrait post)

4.) Mustard yellow scarf – got it from Taiwan, love the color!

5.) Red infinity scarf – also got it from Taiwan; as you can see, I love wearing red during winter time!

6.) Long orange scarf from H&M – Got it in Geneva one winter

7.) White & green scarf with hearts from H&M – Got it from Zurich super cheap… like less than EUR4?!

Touque, or ‘beanie’ as Americans call it: My hat collection is not half as impressive as Chisa’s, so I’ll just show you my funniest touque (by the way, that’s the Canadian way of calling a knit cap). I got this touque by Wrongwroks as a present from my brother. This Vancouver-based brand has some really funky stuff, so be sure to check it out! As a big fan of Spongebob and Doraemon, I love this cross-over image! However, as I feel I’m getting a bit too old to wear really cartoonish-stuff, I don’t think I’ve worn this for more than 3 times…



Ahhh hats. People who know me, or only know me a bit, will all know that I love love love hats. It’s a perfect fashion item; even if your look is kind of dull one day, a perfect hat can completely transform your outfit into something super cool. And it really is a lifesaver for someone like me, who has work early in the morning… I really don’t have time to curl my hair everyday. Well, I do try couple times a week, but other than that I just wear a hat and I’m ready to go!

Mumbler of the Year

Above is my fall/winter hat collection, I have about an equal number of hats for spring/summer as well. :) I do try to keep my wardrobe updated, so anything I don’t wear I usually donate or give them away. So these hats, although I only have one head, are being worn.

I don’t think I know the proper name for these hats so I’ll just quickly introduce where they’re from!

1.) Uchyuuhyakka – Recently bought in Japan:)
2.) Can’t remember – I think it’s from Japan…
3.) Aritzia– This was a nice find from the Aritzia warehouse sale. Regular price $100, sale for $5!
4.) True Value Vintage Store – This is perfect for a Willy Wonka costume.
5.)Somewhere in Japan
6.)Somewhere on Main Street – This hat makes me look like a Xmas tree!
7.) Aritzia – I really wanted a turban-ish toque so this was perfect!
8.) H&M – This floppy hat looks cute with my American Apparel skirt. :)
9.) Somewhere in Japan?
10.) True Value Vintage Store
11.) le chateau – I never go to this store now.
12.) Somewhere in Japan
13.) Garage Sale – I love how vintage this rabbit looks!
14.) Candy Stripper – Believe it or not, this is the most expensive hat out of the bunch. Needless to say, this is one of my favourite.
15.) Topshop – I’ve been wearing this hat a lot lately, the beige colour with the hint of green adds a kick to my usual outfit.
16.) loft82 – I love this store! I think I can spend a lot more money here, but surprisingly this is the only thing I bought so far. Have to revisit soon.
17.) Plenty – Received as a birthday gift many year ago.
18.) Uchyuuhyakka – Bought it in Japan, same place as #1.
19.) Somewhere on Main Street – Classic sock monkey.
20.) Somewhere in Japan – This is super cute, there’s a veil on the toque!

Mumbler of the Year

It’s really hard to say my current favourite… but I have to say #18 because I usually don’t wear too many caps but this was love at first sight. The moment I saw this on the shelf I knew I had to buy it. It’s difficult to wear caps during winter because of the fabric that’s used, but this is 100% wool PLUS it has a pompom at the top so it blends perfectly into my winter outfit.

I wish I had more heads so I can wear all my hats at once! Okay, that might be pretty creepy but that’s how much I love my hats! I can’t wait to share my spring/summer hats with you guys… is spring coming anytime soon?

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