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Parallel: On Skincare


What type skincare products do you use to treat your skin? Does your skin feel dry, oily, or both? Today, the Mumblers will recommend some of their favorite skincare products!


I have very, very, sensitive skin. Most of the drugstore brands that say ‘for sensitive skin’ is still not gentle enough for my skin. I have sensitive combination skin so it’s really difficult to find the perfect product. What I usually do is get samples, try them few times and if I have no skin irritations, then I purchase. That way, I’m not wasting money because treating your skin isn’t so generous for your wallet!

Origins is one of my favourite skincare brand and I have been recommending it to everyone who’s in search for a gentle moisturizing potion for their skin. Here’s some of my picks:
1. Origins: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins® Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum – C$69
Who can resist when it says ‘Mega-Bright’? I notice my face looking duller and duller, and doesn’t have that bright clear skin tone that we all used to have. This serum is great for brightening your skin and it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals so it’s super gentle for your skin. Also it works great on acne scars and minor dark spots you might have got from the sun.

2. Origins: Plantscription™ Youth-renewing Night Cream – C$69.5
I used to use another night cream from Origins but since that one was more expensive, I decided to try this one. It was a nice switch— perfect consistency; not too heavy, not too light. The Plantscription line from Origins is for anti-aging so it’s a nice beginner’s product for people in their late 20s.

3. Origins: Modern Friction™ Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion – C$48.5
During a complimentary facial treatment at Origins, the sales associate applied this on my face and I fell in love. It’s a scrub, and I usually never use scrubs since it stings my skin after applying. It consists of rice starch so it is very, very, soft. I was hesitant to spend $50 on a scrub, so I waited until the end of the year where I was able to purchase for $20 off at Sephora!


1. Caudalie: Moisturizing Toner – C$28
I used to use the White Tea toner from Origins, but after finding out that it shouldn’t be applied around my eyes, I switched over to Caudalie, where I was told it was gentle enough to apply over my whole face. I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, but it’s light and smells nice so I like it. :)

2. First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask – C$28
First Aid Beauty aka FAB is really faaabulous! It’s famous for their moisturizing cream, which is perfect for winter since it is very rich and creamy. I especially like their oatmeal mask because it’s so easy to apply and your face feels very smooth after washing it off. In general, I like products that use oatmeal because it sounds natural hahaha.

3. Jurlique: Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream -C$52
Again, I was using an eye cream from Origins, but I’m always in a hunt for the perfect eye cream so I like to switch things around. Jurlique has always been under my radar but never had the chance to purchase it. It’s been less than a month since I started using it but so far I like it! My under eye feels softer and lighter than before… but it might be a mental thing since it’s not a cheap product, I feel like it has to be good if it’s this price. I’m just crossing my finger that this is THE perfect eye cream.


OK, I have to be honest, I’m not a skincare enthusiastic like Chisa. I’m pretty thankful that my skin is pretty uncomplicated – by that I mean I don’t have sensitive skin and that it is fairly easy to take care of. Many of my friends started using fancy-pancy anti-aging stuff at a young late (like before they turned 20) and I simply don’t get the concept. If you start to use these products now, what will you use when you REALLY get old? Botox? I have an aunt who has been using POND’s face cream for decades and she looks a lot younger than women her age. So at the end, I think how you look depends a lot on genes and lifestyle. This being said, for most of my life I’ve been using drugstore brands like L’Oreal and I’m really satisfied with these products. I mean, don’t judge something based on its price. L’Oreal owns brands like Lancôme, Shu Uemura and Biotherm, and they spend a lot of $$$ on R&D. So – just use whatever fits your skin type and don’t get fooled by the illusion of pricing. ANYWAY, lately I’ve stumbled upon a brand called NUXE, which I fell in love with right away. So the first part of my post will talk about my favourite NUXE products. Then I’ll go over other products that I use daily during these harsh winter months. G1

1. NUXE Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Normal sensitive skins (US$46) – This cream is perfect for dry winter months. What I love about this product is that it has a light scent that reminds me of spa places  (you know that herbal kind of smell?) Although this is a 24hr moisturizing cream, it doesn’t feel heavy at all and it really leaves my face moisturized all day long. I use it for twice a day and a jar lasts me close to 3 months?! So yes, I know this is several times more expensive than the typical drugstore brand, but I feel like I’m in a spa every time I use it (which already makes it totally worth it).

2. NUXE Aroma-Perfection® Anti-Imperfection Care (US$34.00) – Contrary to the product above, it doesn’t have a fragrance, so it’s perfect for people who don’t want a facial product with a strong scent. This product is supposed to moisturize and tighten pores. I don’t know if it’s pychological or not, but I really do feel it tightens my pores! This lotion is not thick enough for winter time though, so I would recommend people to use it when the weather gets warmer.


3. eos lip balm (US$3.29) – My lips get pretty dry during winter time and this lip balm is definitely my favourite accessory in my bag this season. It’s cute, it smells nice, and it really moisturizes my lips! What’s more is that it’s 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free.

4. Perlier White Musk Moisturizing Body Cream (USD30) – The first thing I realized after searching for this product online is that it’s a lot more expensive in the US than in Italy!!! You can get this for around US$9 in Italy but the US retail price is US$30! Ridiculous! Anyway – I love the scent and texture of this body cream. I’ve been going through my 5th or 6th tube now and I just can’t get tired of it. AND – it’s made in Italy! So people, made in Italy stuff don’t have to be expensive!

5. L’Oreal UV Perfect Even Complexion SPF50 PA+++ (approx USD20) – Many people only remember to put on sun protection during summer time but it’s important to protect your skin year round! In fact, studies have shown that the UV level is actually higher on cloudy days. I used to hate putting on sunscreen because it’s oily and many lower-priced ones have this disgusting coconut scent. But this sunblock completely changed my perception on sunscreen. It’s really light and it doesn’t smell! This line comes up with several variations (i.e., anti-dullness, even-complexion, and transparent-skin). Anti-dullness is tinted purple and it leaves a healthy glow on your face. My favourite is the even-complexion one because there’s a beige tint and I like to use it as a make-up base. The only bad thing is that you can’t really get this anywhere else outside of Asia :(

So have you used any of the products we recommended? Hope our reviews are useful to you. By the way, have you noticed how similar the logos of Nuxe and Origins are?

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