Mumbler of the Year


Oh Banana!

Gelati left for Milan today ;( I feel super sad right now, so this post is going to carry the same feeling…

She was over at my house and I had an easy recipe for banana cake so we decided to whip it up very quickly!

Ingredients: Pancake Mix 200g / Yogurt 80g / Margarine 80g / Sugar 60g (I didn’t add any sugar, just drizzles of honey)


It surprisingly turned alright! As you may already know that we both aren’t most craftiest people but we attempted to put our mumbler icon on the cake with powdered sugar. And Gelati put wayyyyy too much…


But oh well, it’s all good if it tastes good.
And the first bite of the cake was… simply HELL.
Something was super sour and super acidic – just tasted like crumbly HELL.

Sigh, the powder sugar is old! Grrrrr – I throw out the whole bag of sugar.
Then Gelati, “I think this isn’t sugar, I think it’s baking soda.”


OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the worst mistake – it’s actually worse than using salt instead of sugar.
Ughhhhh… I didn’t wanna waste it so I ended up cutting the top half. And it looked like this:

Sad ;(

Just to cheer myself up, I made a gif… photos before the nightware. I definitely have to try again!

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