Mumbler of the Year


Oh! My Smoothie

Mumbler of the Year - smoothie

Vancouver has been blessed with some surprising autumn sunshine for the past few days (hopefully upcoming days as well). That means it’s a perfect time to have some fun with food and make a big mess. Now don’t judge me when I say, ‘play with food’ because I am old enough to know your not really supposed to waste food when your living the 21st century (all about the environment!).

What I really mean is… well you see. I see things. Literally. You know when your looking at the sky and start seeing faces and animals, yes, that feeling. I get that all the time and sometimes I like to force things to look like something. And that’s exactly what I did! Okay, am I confusing you? Sorry, it’s such a bad habit to go off track of everything, but if you haven’t figured out from the title, this post is about my smoothie! There are so many great smoothie recipes and photos out there, I’m not even going to try to compete with them (I have a weak heart). I just like to have fun and drink something yummy, that’s all.

Mumbler of the Year - SmoothieMumbler of the Year - Smoothie

Not famililar with this green powder? Usually people add protein or vitamin powder for that extra boost of energy in their smoothie, but I’m really not a health fanatic (I eat everything: meat, fish, veggie, fruits, and any other edible substance) so I include this magical green powder which is young barley leaves powder. It is super good for your health but I mainly consume it for my skin. I admit, I am a skincare and makeup fanatic and I will be introducing some of my favorite products in my future posts.

Mumbler of the Year - Smoothie
Mumbler of the Year
Gulp, gulp, yum.face_sm

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