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Markets in Milan Part 1/2 – Fiera di Senigallia

cover photo
There are many markets and fairs in Milan. I went to two fairs and one is called Fiera di Senigallia. I went there because my bicycle is broken :( Now you might think “oh Lati, you are so hipster, you bike everywhere!” The truth is – I bike everywhere not because I have a environmentally-conscious mind, but it’s really for the convenience (and to save money).

There’s a huge second hand bike market in Milan (which means there are bike thieves everywhere); in fact, I got my 2nd hand bike from a flea market in Piazza Cuoco. Back to topic – I went to Fiera di Senigallia because they are famous for selling 2nd hand bikes and bicycle parts. I was quite surprised when I got there because 2nd hand bikes were only a small part of what this market offers. You could find second hand clothes, bonkers, old electronics, cheap leather jackets…etc I would definitely recommend this place to all the punks and maybe hippies out there!!! To be honest though, I wouldn’t have gone there by myself. The market was full of shady-looking people and the ratio of females to males is really low (maybe I’m exaggerating). But it’s safe because there were policemen on stand-by outside the market. Anyway, I was looking to trade in a new 2nd hand bike but the decent ones were all too expensive (like asking price EUR150)! So instead, I paid EUR8 to get my bike fixed…

Here are some pix that I took at the fair:

Fiera di Senigallia
Near the entrance of the fair (notice at least 80% of the people there were guys).

Colorful african baskets
Colorful African baskets.

Old electronics
2nd hand electronics. The Polaroids look kinda cool!

Vintage magazines
2nd hand Italian magazines and posters. All just for a few Euros!

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