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Warning: This article contains powerful and emotional content that may be difficult to view

The two photo collections that I am sharing with you today have gone viral recently. Normally I would just share the link of something I enjoy reading/watching on Facebook, but since these photos have a strong impact on me, I think they deserve to be talked about on this blog. Although the two collections are very different both in terms of style and message, they are essentially about life. The first photo series by Angelo Merendino reminds us on the fragility of life. Through documenting his wife’s battle with breast cancer, Merendino hopes to humanize cancer and spark a dialogue on the love and care needed by cancer patients. The latter series by Timothy Archibald shows us that every individual can be precious and beautiful, even if he/she does not conform with the society’s norms. In fact, Archibald teaches us to embrace the uniqueness in ourselves, even if they are perceived as defectiveness by others.

Here are the photographers’ websites:

1.) The Battle We Didn’t Choose – Angelo Merendino

2.) Echolilia – Timothy Archibald



“The Battle We Didn’t Choose” is a powerful series of photos by photographer and husband Angelo Merendino, documenting his wife Jennifer’s battle with breast cancer. As images speak louder than words, I will keep my introduction short. I strongly encourage you to see the complete series on Merendino’s website. Below is a very moving talk that Merendino did at TEDxUSU on the story of his wife.


Website 10_31_2013 (1 of 26) Website-10_31_2013-(11-of-26) Website 10_31_2013 (12 of 26)Untitled-2 Website-10_31_2013-(21-of-26)



Timothy Archibald’s project, Echolilia, is a collaboration with his son Eli, who has autism. The project became a way to understand each other in drawings and photographs though the filter of the Autistic spectrum. Archibald says his main aim of the series is to make people more accepting of the ‘imperfections’ in life. The photographer says, “I never wanted [Eli] to think that he was normal. I wanted him to be aware of how different he was and see that as an asset.”

See the complete photo series here.

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I will use two simple words to wrap up this post: love life!

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