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Remember I talked about this fashion brand called & Other Stories back in Oct? It just suddenly hit me that the label I am introducing today has one thing in common with & Other Stories and that is – they are both owned by the Swedish fashion giant, H&M! Gosh, is H&M monopolizing the mainstream fashion market or what?

Anyway the brand’s name is Monki. You might have heard of them since they are growing quite big in Asia and they have a lot of stores in Europe too (unfortunately they are not in North America or Italy yet :( ). If & Other Stories is the high-end version of H&M, then Monki is like the funkier version (but still very affordable).

Autumn/Winter Collection

Mumbler <3 Monki

1.  Charlie knitted top €45 / 2. Madelene skirt €20 / 3. Sanna kimono blouse €40 / 4. Addison leggings €20 / 5. Ikmo plush toy €10 / 6. Hella Sunglasses €10 / 7. Constance Mittens €8 / 8. Polly Sock Mozic €3 / 9. Monki iPhone 4/4S case €8

I loveeee the kimono blouse (#3). The pattern is crazy and I think it will go well with a lot of stuff (e.g., dark long sleeve top, black tight pants, and a chunky necklace). The sunglasses (#6) are hilarious! Not sure if I’m brave enough to wear something like this though. Maybe on Halloween…

FYI – €8 = CAD1.47


Stuff I got from their Winter Sale


1. Frida sweat €30 €6 / 2. Monki iPhone 4S case €8 €2 / 3. Almira Bag €8 €2 / 4. Foxy Tube €25 €6

Their Winter Sale is such a great bargain! A lot of stuff are on sale for over 50% off. Anyway, I just wanna talk a little bit about my new purchases <3

The Frida sweat (#1) is no ordinary T-shirt! The fabric is like that of a hoodie. *AND* 3.1 Phillip Lim has something similar that cost €200. The tote bag (#3) is for Chisa because I thought about her when I saw this (lol). The tube scarf (#4) is purrrfect for this weather. The description on their website it says, “wrap a litter of (very happy) foxes around your neck to keep you warm“. How cute!

Here‘s the link to their Winter Sale.



I’m soooo excited to introduce this brand! Just look?! It’s funky overload. Beloved is a US brand that features vivid photographic printed sweaters, hoodies, legging, socks… and any other printed clothing you can think of. What they came up with is really amazing. You can become a fashion terrorist with one Beloved sweatshirt; and I mean that in a positive way hehe. They’re so colourful and playful, PLUS Beloved has the most sexiest person as their model!

They are printed to order so it takes approximately 30 days + shipping for it to arrive home, which is bit of a bummer, but they always have a good selection of ‘ready to ship’ designs to be sent right away.

Here‘s the link to their Ready to Ship collection.

New Designs


1. Chocolate Chip Cookies Sweatshirt $59 USD / 2. Strawberries Sweatshirt $59 USD / 3. Censored Sweatshirt $59 USD / 4. Chicks Sweatshirt $59 USD / 5. Mulberry Street Sweatshirt $59 USD / 6. Stressed Pug Sweatshirt $59 USD

They are constantly adding new designs so a lot of their clothing goes on sale! All the above sweaters are on sale for $59 USD (regular price $79 USD).


Sweater to Buy


1. Gummybears Sweatshirt $59 USD / 2. Cinnamon Roll Sweatshirt $59 USD / 3. Lick Me Sweatshirt $59 USD / 4. Crackers Sweatshirt $59 USD

So after blabbing about Beloved… I actually don’t own anything from them… YET. I’m pretty brave when it comes to fashion, but I think I’ll need that extra courage to pull off these sweatshirts. These are my TOP4 choices and I’m really having a hard time deciding. But it comes down to either Gummybears or Crackers. I love how colourful the gummybears are but there’s something about the crackers that I’m really attached to… ahh decisions, decisions.

Deciding on what to buy is such a happy state of mind. Shopping is happiness!

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