Mumbler of the Year


Handmade Gift for HIM.

How did this happen?! It’s December! Oh my, oh my, I’m not even close in completing my Christmas shopping!
Don’t you think you spend a lot of time and money buying gifts for each and every close person you know? What I do with my group of friends is SECRET SANTA. It’s a great way to cut down your stress of having to buy so many presents since you only have to buy one very special one. :) I’m doing this with a group of friends and also at my workplace. And because my job is in a creative environment, we decided to have a theme and some restrictions.

Rule #1: Fairytale theme
Rule #2: At least 50% handmade
Rule #3: Under $10 (to ensure that majority is handmade)

This sounded like a whole new art project but I thought it would be quite fun; I was originally thinking of making a super cute Cinderella themed cupcake or cookie, but it turns out that the name I pull out from the draw is the only male in the office. No, I do not hate him, he’s a super nice guy… but… but… all my pink twinkly theme is all going down the drain. Why is it always so difficult to buy a gift for a guy? In the past, I usually end up buying t-shirts or socks but this time that ain’t gonna work.

And so my research begins:
Mumbler of the Year
When I think of handmade gifts I imagine something crafty but these all look super slick and cool!

1. Stamped Leather Tie Clip – This looks quite simple to make and I know where I would buy all the material (Dressew perhaps)… just not sure if he would wear it.
2. LEGO Christman Ornament – I know he would love thissssss! But it might be too late to decorate his tree when he receives the gift.
3. Space Invaders Coin Pouch – I don’t know a whole lot about him but I do know he’s a gamer. Not sure if a guy would use a pouch though?
4. Wooden Bow Tie – How fancy! I would like to make this for myself, actually I am quite a bow tie collector (aside from my hat collection) so this would be a perfect addition!

Mumbler of the Year
Another choice is to be girly and actually make something in the magical kitchen!

1. Sriracha Lollipops – It sounds extremely dangerous but he likes spicy food so he might actually like it! Or will he…?
2. Chocolate caliente irlandés – I found this on a French site so I’m not sure what this exactly is but I’m guessing it’s a mini kit to make hot chocolate with a kick of booze.
3. Sparkling Cider – This would look really pretty in a nice glass bottle.
4. Hot Cocoa Dunkers – Okay, I think this might be the one. Decorated marshmallow on a stick to dunk in your hot chocolate! That sounds super fun PLUS I can easily apply the Fairy Tale theme to it! I’m thinking Jack and the Bean Stock (since he’s tall like a giant – I hope I’m not offending him, because I’m actually quite jealous) so I can use a green straw and have little green candies (supposed to look like beans) as decorations. Omg I’m so excited now! Hopefully Gelati will be here by then and we can make them together! *wink wink

What handmade gift are you going to make this year? Trust me, I’m not really a ‘handmade’ person but I feel like being a bit more creative this year so you should give it a try too!

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