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Gelati in Amsterdam


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time but I just never got around to it. I think the thing about travel posts is that the longer you wait, the less motivated you are to actually posting anything at all. So Chisa’s post on Japan really gave me a little push to finally DO SOMETHING about these photos that have been clogging my iPhone space.

I was in Amsterdam last month for an academic conference on the Gobalization of Contemporary Art Markets. OK I know this sounds a bit nerdy but the researches presented were pretty interesting. I even wrote a short paper about it for school.

Anyway, it was my first time to Amsterdam and BOY, I REALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS CITY! Chisa: I’m sure you will love Amsterdam as well. Imagine Zurich, Berlin and Venice having a baby together (don’t know how it’s possible but…) It has Berlin’s creative energy, Zurich’s orderliness and Venice’s *I don’t know, I wrote Venice because Amsterdam has a lot of canals like Venice LOL* 


// The streets //


First impression of Amsterdam – canals and colorful (but slightly slanted) houses!


Second impression: A lot of bicycles!


City flag is made out of three Xs! Reminds me of a pirate flag. photo5

A lot of cute graffiti all over the city.


//Window displays//

During the trip I was fascinated by window reflections, especially the complimentary effect between home decoration and outside scenery.

photo6 photo7 photo8 photo9 photo10




Burger vending machine in the train station!


My delicious spare-ribs with BBQ sauce at Cafe de Fles. I highly recommend this restaurant! The atmosphere was fantastic (and very local), the food was delicious (and portion was very generous), and the price was really reasonable (the dish above cost EUR18.50).


Since it was our first time in Amsterdam, of course we had to try **self censorship in case my parents are reading this**. We were too scared to try smoking “it” so we got this Space Cake instead. A bit over-priced, and since I went back home shortly after this, I didn’t feel any effect on me (but my friends, who went out afterwards, did). Location: Stix

photo40 photo41

You can find these mini pancakes everywhere. SUPER-FAT (because of the butter and sugar and carbs) but SUPER YUMMY

Another restaurant that I would recommend is Pont 13. It’s a boat restaurant (so literally on a boat) and it has really good seafood and grilled food. Sorry I didn’t take really good photos but you can find them on Google here.


//Arts & Culture//

photo23EYE Film Institute Netherlands, just re-opened in 2012, is definitely a new cultural landmark of Amsterdam.


I saw this at Foam, a photography musuem. Really love it (although I’m not sure how this fit in a photography museum…)


Painting taken at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. This museum is really worth going. The size is just right (not too big, not too small). It’s mostly of contemporary art but they also dedicated a section to design. Last but not least, be sure to visit their gift shop when you are there.


Also from Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Found this awesome coffee table book at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam gift shop. Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek have systematically documented the dress codes of various social groups ON THE STREETS IN DIFFERENT CITIES AROUND THE WOLRD! Book title: Exactitudesphoto20

I want this chair! The quote fits me very well… “If the phone don’t ring, it’s me”


<3 this ‘Talking Shit’ poster.


// Cats & People //

photo15 photo16

Bad-ass cat that I saw on a street


My Airbnb host’s adorable cats!


My classmate – isn’t she beautiful? No, she’s not a model.

photo37I wish I could pose like that when I was a little girl… She was selling pies that she baked herself at the Sunday Market. And yes, I did buy a piece of her pie (it was good) and I asked for permission before taking this pic.


//Cultural complex – NDSM//

A former shipyard located on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam Noord, the NDSM Wharf has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot in recent years.With grounds exceeding the size of ten football pitches, the NDSM Wharf hosts festivals, performances, exhibitions and a wide range of other events. It is also home to a huge range of artists, craftspeople and theatre producers.



This is a restaurant! Here’s their official website:

Inside the restaurant. Really cozy! Reminds me of the Rote Fabrik in Zurich. photo27

This is a church!!! A real church!!!photo28

Can you guess the new function of this factory building?photo29

An indoor skate park. A lot of teenage boys with their parents were there when we visited the venue.


Guess what these colorful containers are for? Affordable social housing!

//Sunday Market//

The Sunday Market, held every first Sunday of the month, is Amsterdam’s trendy market that features fashion, design and art. It is held in the lovely Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek (one of Amsterdam’s most popular cultural venues, which used to be an industrial plant).


You can see the old plant in the background.


Cecile, the owner of Cecci, is super nice! If you happen to be at the market, you have to check out her stand. She has really cool accessories at affordable prices. I want those necklaces!!


Besides a lot of vintage, design, fashion and art related stands, there were also a lot of delicious food stalls! photo36

Look at the cute hand-warmers! They are all handmade. Content of each of these beanies: Rice and lavender. You warm one up in a microwave and they become instant hand-warmer (smells good too!)

photo21 photo38 photo39



photo32 photo33

I found my accommodation via Airbnb and I really couldn’t ask for a better host. As I’m typing this, it’s already 2:20am… so maybe I’ll just copy and paste my review on Airbnb:

“Chee was the perfect host – she was warm, friendly and very accommodating. Chee gave me a lot of good tips on where to go, which made my trip to Amsterdam unique and not touristy at all (you have to check out her Pinterest board!) I love her apartment; it’s very nicely decorated, cozy and clean. The location is convenient and well-connected. I’m very bad with directions but I found her apartment very easily (even at night). Last but not least, Chee has two very adorable cats. I miss them already! All in all, I recommend anyone to stay at Chee’s home :)”

Chee, my host, has a very useful Pinterest board on where to go in Amsterdam. You can check it out here.

// Last but not least… //


Let’s end this post with a list of things that I bought in Amsterdam 😀

High Price by Isabelle Graw from the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam gift shop

– 2nd hand knitted scarf from the The Sunday Market

– clip-on Greek-style earring from Cecci

– Hand-warmer beanies from the The Sunday Market

– Vintage leather bag from a vintage shop somewhere in Amsterdam (ONLY FOR 5 EUROS!)

I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam and I can’t wait to go back there again! (Also – I wouldn’t mind relocating there, even though the income tax is so high there hahaha)

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