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Food Doodle

Last week I asked Chisa what this week’s Parallel topic should be, and she replied “what about food-doodle“? At first I thought it was a great topic since we haven’t done something creative for a while. But man, this turns out to be one of the toughest posts to date! Like, what am I supposed to post in a “food-doodle”? After much brainstorming, I’ve decided to share with you my favourite veggies, fruits and dishes! (pardon my childish doodles, I haven’t doodled seriously for a long time)

1. Pumpkin: I love, love, love pumpkin. It’s so versatile and easy to cook. I love making pumpkin soup – both the Chinese and Western way. I also like to use pumpkin as a substitute for potato. Last but not least – roasted pumpkin seeds are so delicious!

2. Gou Cai: I don’t know the exact English name of it, but it’s a type of green onions (I think). To be specific, the type that I love is “gou wang” (or gou cai that are not exposed under the sun – I think). Growing up, my favourite dish from my mom is scrambled eggs with gou-wang. It’s a simple dish but I can never get tired of it.

3. Cucumber: I am not crazy over cucumbers, but it’s one of the few vegetables that I don’t get tired of cooking. They go well with many ingredients, and they are a perfect vegetable to keep in your fridge, especially if you are living alone.
1. Onion: I love onions! They’re perfect for garnishing and it’s super sweet when cooked. It has a deep flavour when it’s cooked til caramelized and when it’s lightly sauteed the texture is great!
2. Green: Salads are best with some fresh greens, so there’s no doubt they’re one of my favourite veggies. They’re crisp and fresh, it gives great body to any kind of salads.
3. Potato: Who doesn’t love potato? Excuse me… french fries? mashed potato? potato chips? Mmmmmmm.

1. Lychee: To me, lychee is definitely the best fruit on Earth. I wish I could have them all year-round. They are so sweet, juicy, and easy to peel.  I know they are not very nutritious but oh well – at least they are better than candies!

2. Mango: Mango is another one of my fav. I especially like the ones from the Philippines and Taiwan. Some of my favourite desserts include mango pomelo sago (typical dessert from Hong Kong) and mango baobing (or shaved ice).

3. Mangosteen: Can you get these outside of Asia? They are not the easiest thing to peel and they leave your fingers smelling funny, but man, they taste sooooo good!
1. Cherry: Ahhh so sweet, so juicy. Too bad it isn’t the best season for it, but when it is I eat it constantly! You just have to be careful because cherry stains your clothes and you’ll hate cherry for 2 seconds, then you’re back eating it again.
2. Strawberry: As you can tell, I love berries in general. They are great for smoothies, yogurts and any other sweet treats!
3. Melon: Another very juicy fruit. Melon is considered an expensive fruit in Japan, some could cost $100 for a single melon!

After drawing these dishes, I realized I like them all equally so just ignore the ranking!

1. Spicy salmon hand roll: I love spicy food, seaweed, and sashimi – and spicy salmon hand roll has everything I wanted! Also – I think this is one of the few dishes that’s very hard to screw up at a Japanese restaurant (since the salmon is marinated, it’s not that easy to tell whether the fish is of good-quality or not).

2. Bubble tea: I know bubble tea is technically a drink, but since you eat the tapioca balls, I think you can qualify it as ‘food’ as well. I’m really addicted to bubble tea. I think at any given time, if you ask me what beverage I would like (if I could get anything), I would ask for a bubble tea. I was so happy when I found bubble tea in Romania! Too bad I have yet to find tolerable bubble tea in Italy… My favourite flavors? Passion fruit green tea, and matcha milk tea.

3. Spicy Korean rice cake (Tteokbokki): As mentioned previously, I love spicy food. And as you can tell from my 2nd choice, I love food that’s chewy. So after trying Tteokbokki for the first time, it instantly became my favourite Korean dish of all times.
1. Sushi: Of course! Raw fish with sushi rice is the perfect combination in history! Some of my favourite nigiris are: squid, ikura, uni, and any kind of shell fish or prawn. :)
2. Steak: Or in general, meat! I love rare meat so carpaccio and rare steak make me drool any time of the day hehe.
3. Pasta: I love Italian food so I am super jealous of Gelati who get’s to eat it all the time! You have to take me to nice restaurants when I go visit you!

Phew, that was a lot of talk about food, now I feel pretty full just from reading it.
What is your favourite food?

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