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Besides shopping, another thing that we both love is FOOD (how we wish it could be exercising…). For this parallel post we will document what we eat in a typical day. Hope it will give you some inspirations on what to prepare for your meals!



Breakfast – 8:00 am


Growing up, my mom prepared me a big breakfast everyday (usually a huge bowl of Chinese noodles with tons of vegetables, beef and other stuff). So enjoying a big, hearty breakfast always brightens my day.


– 1 sausage with ketchup and a bit of curry powder on the side (this reminds me of currywurst, I miss Berlin!)

– 1 sunny side up with a bit of dried herbs

– 2 slices of multigrain toast with butter

– sliced strawberries

– freshly squeezed orange juice. OMG oranges are so cheap and sweet in Italy right now. I thought about my dad every time I prepare my orange juice because he really likes to eat oranges, and he always share some with me (because he knows I am too lazy to peel oranges). I wish I could send some oranges back home.

– a cup of instant coffee


Lunch – 1:00 pm


I heard from somewhere that it’s better to have a big lunch than a big dinner.


– Braised chicken in tomato and ginger sauce

– Japanese rice (well, made in US) with a bit of Japanese rice seasoning

– Boiled lettuce with oyster sauce

– Lychees from Madagascar (sounds fancy but they don’t taste as good as the ones from China)


Snack time – 3:30 pm


I love to munch on some snacks while I work!


– Hot chilli squid flavored grilled seaweed from Tao Kae Noi (these seaweed from Thailand are my fav snack at the moment. Probably super high in MSG but hey, at least they are low in calories!)

– Japanese green tea


Dinner time – 7:30 pm


A lot of times I don’t really have the energy/time to cook something big for dinner. So I usually stick with something quick and simple.


– celery sticks

– grilled sandwich with cheese and tuna

– clementines

– white tea



I’ve been working from home for the last month (finally moving into our new office next week!) and that extra 1.5hour of sleep has turned me into an extremely lazy person. I usually wake up at 6am to go to work, but since my workspace is 3 seconds away from my bed, I wake up at 7:30am and start working from 8am.

Breakfast – 8:00 am


I am half dead at this time so I don’t think its too safe for me to cook anything first thing in the morning. I just blend, grab and start sipping and munching in front of my computer. So basically, I eat breakfast while I work.


– a big cup of green smoothie: apple, orange, pineapple, grape, ginger, baby spinach

– rice cracker

– breakfast bar (this brand was a miss… it tastes too healthy for my tastebud)

– a cup of freshly brewed coffee (not photographed – because it is only available after 9am when my dad wakes up)


Lunch – 12:30 pm


I only have 30min lunch break so I don’t have much time to cook. Usually I just eat packed lunch at the office but since I’m home, I just eat whatever is left in the fridge.


– Cream stew with veggie and chicken (I’m not really a cream stew/sauce fan but this is the only thing that was cooked left in the fridge)

– piece of toast (I usually don’t eat toast, so this is quite rare)


Snack time – 2:30 pm


“I love to munch on some snacks while I work!” – Gelati


– Japanese green tea

– Greek yogurt with grapes & honey

– waffle snack with hazelnut cream (can’t remember what these were called…)


Dinner time – 6:00 pm


When I’m home, I try to finish eating before 7pm, that way it burns more calorie (or something, I think I read that somewhere). I wasn’t feeling too well and usually when I eat early I’m not that hungry so I decided to make a bowl of suan la tang soup (Chinese hot & sour soup).


– Suan la tang (it’s not authentic because I’m not Chinese): lots of veggie, tofu, ground chicken, lots of ginger and some chilli pepper.

– Japanese green tea (not photographed – I usually drink a big cup of tea after my meal)

It gets dark pretty quickly here so I apologize for the weird lighting of the soup. And I noticed my meals aren’t really composed like Gelati’s but it’s just one of those lazy days where you don’t feel like putting too much effort into food. Which is rare, because I really care about my food! Hopefully I’ll get back to my normal self once I move into a new office and stop working from home.

That’s it for now! What did you eat today?


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