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Wow such a colourful week started off by Gelati’s Polyvore post! It seems like she’s addicted to Polyvore, which is great! She briefly introduced me to it and warned be that it’s addictive so be careful. Hearing that I haven’t really explored it much (actually I haven’t at all…) but pretty excited to when I find the time (hopefully this weekend!).

Anyways, following the trend of Gelati’s fashion post, I’m going to introduce couple fashion blogs that I regularly visit and admire :) These are all Vancouver-based bloggers as I find it a lot more helpful when you know where you can get those funky wears.

First up! Is Ivy from This is what we do.
I love her. She can pull off anything– girly, boyish, sleek, casual, formal, and all the other fancy styles! Ivy’s fashion usually combines clothes from affordable brands (ie/ American Apparel, Zara, H&M) with accessories from high-end brands like Givency, Alexander Wang, YSL, etc (jealous!). Here’s some of her recent styles:


Photo credit: This is what we do.

Next up! Is Lydia from Style is style.
Lydia is a genius. I can live in her closet for days going through her treasured fashion pieces. A lot of her clothes come from affordable brands, but the way she styles them make her look like a million bucks. She frequents a secret thrift store near her house (my goal is to one day find this place) meaning that a lot of her clothes are unique and original. Her vintage-inspired looks are always so fun and vibrant I can’t stop checking out her site.


Photo credit: Style is style

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