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Dresses, dresses

Dresses, dresses, dresses. My sister is getting married very soon and I still don’t have a dress to wear! I actually bought a dress but now I’m worried that it’s too casual so I’m thinking of buying another dress.

I saw many, many dresses but nothing really stood out. I’ve been checking out ModCloth, which is an online shop that features vintage inspired apparels and accessories. I love their stuff because they are a bit different and suuuuper cute!

Here are some dresses that I am considering to buy:

1. Merry Me Dress
I think the colour is quite nice and has the right amount of flowy-ness! On the other hand, I don’t know if I want something brighter and more fun.

2. Beautifully Beloved Dress
LOVE the colour combo, so cute and charming. I’m just worried that this dress might make me look too young and too round.

3. Darling, Please Dress in Jade (I love how they have fun with product names :) )
The shape of the dress is very pretty and the pattern on the lace is delicate and fine. Only concern is that it looks more like a fall/winter dress than a spring/summer dress.

4. Fashionably Afloat Dress
The photo of the dress doesn’t look as cute as the gallery photos (people actually wearing the dress). First, I thought this dress looked too childish, but when I saw the gallery photos I was convinced that it was a very girly, beautiful dress!

I wish I can buy them all and try them on, but unfortunately they only do free returns for US :( It’s a big decision to make… but I might buy couple dresses—there’s no such thing as too many dresses right?! I am leaning towards #1 and #4… ahhhh dresses, dresses, decisions, decisions.

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