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Doodle Challenge


For this post we decided to do a doodle challenge. Gelati went to the Wellcome Collection in London a long time ago and got these awesome postcards (for free). The challenge is for each of us to pick a word on the postcard (without the other knowing) and then draw something based on the selected words in 15 minutes. Ready, set, go!




Gelati:I was hoping Chisa would pick something cute… Honestly, I can’t think of any word that would go well with ‘intestine’!!! But anyway, what’s done is done. I guess this is what makes this kind of challenges fun.
Chisa: I totally regret choosing intestine… the idea was that Gelati would choose an adjective, but it obviously did not turn out that way. At this point I’ve given up drawing something cute.



Gelati:I have to admit I kind of cheated, because I googled images on intestines and teeth for this challenge. You have to understand, I don’t usually doodle intestines when I’m bored. Also, I didn’t want to end up like Chisa whose tooth drawing ended up looking like an apple (lol). In short, I thought the combination of tooth and intestine is pretty gross so I decided to draw a scary monster that would give little kids nightmares mowahahaha.
Chisa: I don’t know how Gelati managed to make her doodle sort of cute, but mine looks pretty gross… my tooth dude could have looked a bit better, it looks more like an apple.

Although the drawings didn’t turn out to be as cute/cool as we had hoped to be, it was a fun doodle exercise afterall. Parallel posts are so much more fun when we do them together! *sigh* Till next time :)

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