Mumbler of the Year


DIY Disaster

Okay, Secret Santa is coming up so today was the big day to make HIM a special gift. Do you remember the Hot Cocoa Dunker I said I would make in my past post? Gelati is back in town and she came over for a fun DIY session and dinner. :)

Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year

All the ingredients are ready, we are good to go!

Mumbler of the Year

Then we very quickly realize how we’re really not a crafty person.

Mumbler of the Year

It isn’t supposed to look like this.

Mumbler of the Year

Or this.

Oh! The wrapping will make up for it!

Mumbler of the Year

So a non-crafty person obviously does not know how to wrap nice as well.
To be honest, these look more like a Halloween treat than a Xmas gift. At this point, I am devastated that I am actually going to gift this. Yes, I am the worst Secret Santa. Just to let you know all the dunkers with faces… Gelati made.

Just when I was giving up, my sister comes home.

And she was super shocked when she saw our craftsmanship. We only had 6 sticks so she took 3 of them apart.

Mumbler of the Year

And made these.
Okay, I don’t know what magic she used but this is giveable and giftable. She saved my day!

People, please be very careful when you make something, it doesn’t turn out the way you envision. Lesson learned.

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