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Color Run Milano – A run for the non-athletic

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I hate running but I thoroughly enjoyed Color Run Milano. I’m not going to lie, I signed up in the first place just to jump on the bandwagon. This run has been highly talked about especially in the past few months and I was interested to check out what the hype was all about.

In case you haven’t heard of Color Run, here’s a short description straight from Wikipedia (too lazy to describe it):

“The Color Run is an event series and 5 km paint race that takes place in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The untimed event has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with colored powder at stations along the run.The Color Run is an event that is owned and operated by The Color Run LLC, a for-profit company.”

Yup, you read it right, this run is operated by a for-profit company. I think on average a runner paid around EUR20 for registration fee… And just in the Milan run, there were over 100,000 people, and there were many sponsors. Just imagine the amount of money the founders are making from this!

Anyway here’s my Color Run experience:

I went to the venue, which was next to the famous San Siro stadium in Milan, over two hours early. And boy, did I make the right choice because the registration line got really, really long afterwards. Everyone was given a package that contained a white branded T-shirt, headband, tattoo, soy snack bar, cap, and the runner number. Believe it or not, I’ve never participated in a run before, so I was pretty excited to have my number pinned on my T-shirt. Before the race there was a Zumba instructor teaching Zumba on stage and it was SUPER DUPER fun to be doing Zumba (a dance fitness program) with 200+ people. I had to queue for quite some time before I was my turn to start the run (they released people in batches). Nonetheless, everyone was in very good spirit. I guess in total I ran for like 10 minutes (LOL). Not my fault, ok? There was a lot of people and there were many photo-taking opportunities. Every color station was a unique experience! At the end, everyone was given a pack of colored powder at the finish line for the Color Festival, and boy, that was a really crazy experience. I was covered in colors from head to toe. I was surprised how easy the colors came off though (at first I thought I would have to throw the Color Run T-shirt away but it was like brand new after a wash).

Would I recommend people to do this? Yes! Was it worth the EUR25? Definitely yes! The experience is priceless and I also liked what were in the goodie bag. Would I do this again? Probably not. To me this is one of those “been there, done that” things. It was fun but it took up a whole day and a lot of energy, and at the end, I am lazy.


The Color Festival at the end of the run. Music + color powders = AWESOMENESS :)


At the Blue Station.


At the Yellow Station

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