Mumbler of the Year


Chisa in Japan.

Mumbler of the Year

Hello everyone! I’m back! I was fighting a really bad cold since I got back from Japan but now I’m feeling a lot better, thanks to the long weekend. Anyways, there’s a great big secret I have to reveal today…I hope you don’t fall off your chair. It’s been almost a month since we started Mumbler of the Year and since then we have been taking pictures with our iPhone!


Yes…yes…I hear you. But the good news is…I finally bought a cameraaaaa!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! And here it is:
Mumbler of the Year

(Yes, I took a photo of my camera with my iPhone).
I’m not going to lie, I chose it mainly because it was really cute and I love the cream colour. It’s basically a digital camera with better lens so it’s not those super fancy professional camera. But I’m still super happy with this camera, I just have to find the perfect case for it!

Okay, so back to topic, I was in Japan for the past couple weeks and I took some photos that I would looove to share with you guys :)
I will be posting actual ‘posts’ in the next couple weeks but these are some random shots that won’t make it to the post (sorry photos). Enough said, enjoy!

Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year
These were taken when I visited my grandma in Shiga prefecture. May not need any explanation… but it’s in the countryside. Which I love! You will notice that I don’t have any city shots, as I got too busy shopping (like crazy).

Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year
Above shots are from my aunt’s garden (she lives near my grandma) along with the first persimmon photo. I actually picked the persimmon from the tree by myself! It was quite fun, my sister was taking a photo of me trying but I look pretty funny in it so I haven’t decided if I’ll share this story haha.

Mumbler of the Year
Ahhhh Japanese café. This is from a coffee shop called ‘Komeda Coffee’ and it started in the Aichi prefecture (where my parents are from) and now they have many locations in Japan! The great thing about coffee shops in Aichi, or Nagoya (capital city of Aichi), if that makes more sense to people (or not?), is that there’s this thing called ‘Morning’ (or the Japanese say, MO-NI-N-GU). You order any hot drink and you get free breakfast! Isn’t that amazing? At Komeda Coffeee, you get free buttered toast and hard boiled egg, which is nothing special, but other cafés in Aichi offer whole breakfast plate with salad, soup, etc and my favourite is the hot dog! Not all cafés in Japan offer this, but if you go to Aichi or find Komeda Coffee (I think there’s some in Tokyo) you should give it a try! (*It’s only offered until 11am for most places, but some really cool place offer it all day!)

Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year
Yes, this is taken in 2013. It might look like an old Japanese heritage museum, but this is where I stay when I go back to Japan, as it is my uncle’s church. It has several residence and we sleep in one of the rooms. I grew up here with many other families until I was two, when we moved to Canada 20 something years ago. Gelati actually stayed here with me! Actually, we stayed in a nicer room since Gelati was a guest haha. Can’t believe that’s almost 10 years ago!

Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year
And how can I end a post without some cute animals? I’m a bit allergic to animals but I tried to take some photos. Koo (french bulldog) kept moving so she’s a bit blurry but Lala is a good girl, she gave me her best angle for this shot, she looks so cute! <3 Phew, that was a lot of photos! I hope your phone didn't crash from all the loading. And there's more to come in the upcoming weeks so make sure to check back!

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