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Parallel Brand Intro

We are back with another parallel post and it’s all about fashion. Let us introduce some brands that we like at the moment. First up Gelati, ready set go!



Photo above: Left – My very own JumpFromPaper bag, alongside my Dali bag / Right- I want this limited-edition shoulder bag!

Gelati: The brand that I’m introducing is JumpFromPaper. I first spotted this brand on a subway in Hong Kong almost two years ago and after my first encounter, I was determined to own one someday.

I got the Bonjour bag from their original collection a year ago and I really love it. In fact, it’s one of my favourite bags of all times (my other favourite bag is a tote bag of Dali with synthetic mustache handles – see above). The bag is surprisingly spacious, despite it’s flat and two dimensional body. I could easily fit my 13″ laptop, plus a gazillion other things that I carry with me everywhere in there (c’mon, I’m a girl!)

A bit about the brand – JumpFromPaper is a line of bright, colorful bags with cartoon-like outlines designed by by Taipei-based design duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin. One cozy afternoon, the two girls were chatting, a surprising idea popped up – “How amazing it would be if a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration could come to life as a real bag!” And they turned their imagination into reality! Chisa, do you think we can be like them someday? :)

To end my part, here’s a sneak preview on their 2014 collection:

Mumbler of the Year Mumbler of the Year

Not familiar with GU (GEE-YUU)? Well, how about UNIQLO? GU and UNIQLO is under the same company: FR GROUP, which makes them sister brands! GU, like UNIQLO offers a vast selection of colours and casual styles for the whole family. Yes, that includes your dad, mom, neice, nephew and maybe your pet as well! UNIQLO has become a global brand as it is located all around the world including, Paris, New York, etc . (unfortunately not in Canada..yet!) GU is fairly new compared to UNIQLO and it has recently gone through a rebrand, coming up with a new logo, store layout and marketing strategies. It appears that a store is opening in Shanghai and I’m sure it won’t take too long for it to expand all around the world.

Mumbler of the Year
Their slogan is ‘Wear Freedom,’ coincidentally, GU sounds like GIYUU, which means freedom in Japanese. GU may not be the store where I would buy a whole load of funky, unique clothing but it is great for basics and quick gifts for your friends and families. Also, the pricing is slightly lower than UNIQLO with similar quality so it’s definitely wallet friendly.

Mumbler of the Year
I picked up few items from the store, my aunt and grandma was waiting so I only had 10 minutes to shop! I got a nice tweed pullover, warm sweater & sweat pants combo (I like how they have sets in Japan), enamel ribbon belt and a pack of lace socks. They all came to approximately 5000YEN (around $50~55 CAD) so that was a nice quick catch!

Photo Credit: G.U.

And that ends our post for today! We have so many more brands to show & tell so hope you’ll stop by :)

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