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Mumbler recommends: Black Mirror


If you are tired of watching brainless reality series/singing contests on TV, then Black Mirror, a British television anthology series, might be a breathe of fresh air for you. There are two series so far, each with three individual stories. Although each story (or episode) is quite different from one another, they all carry the same underlying message, and that is about the dark side of humanity and technology.

Here’s a brilliant promo for series 2:


Personally, I enjoy the first series more than the second series, and by far my favourite episode ought to be “The Entire History of You” from series one. The episode offers up a universe in which almost everyone has a “grain,” a recording device implant that allows you to store and play back all memories, either for yourself or thrown up on a screen for everyone to see. This doesn’t sound so far fetch right? I mean, Google Glass in a way can perform the same functions as the “grain” technology in the story. What I like most about this episode is that it shows what technology can do to relationships. Surely with all these recording devices it’s a lot easier to dig out the truth because everything is documented nowadays. But is it always important to know the absolute truth, even if it jeopardizes the relationship?



The “grain” technology from “The Entire History of You”


Another episode that I thoroughly enjoyed is “Fifteen Million Merits” (also in series one). It sort of reminds me of 1984 and the Brave New World.


“Be Right Back” in series two is similar to the film “Her” (2013), except it was out before the award winning movie!


“White Bear” in series 2 is a bit slow but the ending is really, really good.

If you like this show and can’t wait to watch more, then good news! The show creator, Charlie Brooker, has confirmed that season three will come out this year! Hooray!


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